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Holiday Gifts For The DIY

Now that the holiday season is upon us once more, a lot of us are scratching our heads about what to get for their spouses or significant others. If that person on your shopping list likes to work on his car or is doing a project car, I can offer some suggestions that I know will be liked and appreciated. I have yet to meet a mechanic yet that has too many tools so that would probably be number one on any Do It Yourselfer's wish list it.

Most DIY's will probably have the basic things they need to work on a car, but there are still plenty of things they can use. Take a look in the garage, are there tools scattered all over the place? Do you hear cries of hopelessness such as "Where is my ½ inch deep socket?" and "Honey, do you have my screwdrivers?" Well a nice gift would be a tool set that comes with everything needed to do basic work on a car. This one comes in a handy plastic case that will keep them organized and he will always know where they are. This is a nice set that any home mechanic would love to have and it is reasonably priced as well. For the more advanced DIY, there is another set that has even more tools included in it. Another great gift idea is a set of screwdrivers and pliers. Outside of a good ratchet and sockets, these will be the most used tools in his collection. I'm sure he will be happy to see a complete set of screwdrivers and pliers under the tree this year.

If he has an older car that tends to break down at the worst possible time, a portable car tool kit would be a good idea. It has the basics tools to get him going if he is stuck on the side of the road. These sets would be a great gift and something he will use for the whole year.

Let us not forget wrenches. Any mechanic would appreciate a good set of wrenches. Wrenches come in many styles but a set of combination wrenches would be the most useful and most appreciated.

Okay, you say he has tons of tools already. Well how about something to keep them in? Coffee cans are not a very efficient or secure way to store tools, and a pegboard leaves them out in the open making them prone to getting "lost". So maybe that special someone needs a nice toolbox. Toolboxes come in a hundred shapes and sizes. You can get him a small toolbox with a tray for carrying around or a large roll chest and top chest. If he has a lot of tools, a roll chest would be a great idea. He can keep his tools safe and secure and the top makes a nice workspace. If he has a workbench then maybe a top chest would be better. He can keep everything nicely organized and be able to secure it.

Cordless tools are always a welcome gift. They make work quick and easy and you don't have an annoying power cord to drag around. There are a variety of cordless tools the DIY would love to find under the tree such as a cordless drill or a cordless screwdriver. Another item that he will appreciate is a good flashlight. Mag-Lite makes just about the best flashlights you can buy. Any DIY would love to find on Christmas morning. They come in sizes from small AA pocket lights to big 6-D cell models.

So maybe he has a bunch of tools but you still want to get him something special for him and his car. A great idea would be a car cover, especially if he has that special car that he babies and has spent many hours working on. Maybe he would like a spoiler to make his car look faster or a new set of custom floor mats.

Any of the items I have mentioned would be a great gift for the home mechanic. But don't think I have forgotten the ladies out there. If your special gal enjoys working on the car as much as you do, she would appreciate any of these items as well. You can even get tools that are just as good as any other tool in colors for her. Imagine the look on her face when she opens a present and finds a set of screwdrivers that match the color of her nail polish.

Okay, maybe she is not mechanically inclined but you want to get her something for her car anyway. How about a set of jumper cables with complete written instructions on how to use them? Maybe she would like a good first aid kit? Something that has more than just some band aids. It would be especially nice if she is the primary kid transporter. What I think would make a great gift for her is a pre-paid cell phone. She can keep it in her glove box and if she should get stuck somewhere, she can call for help.

Another gift she may appreciate may sound a little weird, but I know my wife loved it when I gave it to her. Have her car monogrammed. I had a trim shop paint her initials on the front doors. You can do the same for her or have her full first name painted on. This makes her car special and she will love you for it.

There are many automotive related gifts that would make anyone who works on their car happy. Even if no one in your family is inclined to do their own work, there are tons of accessories that any car owner, be they guy or gal, would love to have. How many of you have ever thought about going to a large parts store like NAPA or Pep Boys to do holiday shopping? A car gift can be very special because it's something that they will use or see every day. The right gift can show that you love and care about someone just as much as a diamond ring or tennis bracelet.

I would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday and to drive with extra special care this season.

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