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Before You Buy Accessories

What you need to know before you buy accessories for your car or truck.

There are a lot of different accessories that you can buy to dress up your car or truck. There are floor mats, spoilers, fancy wheels and thousands of other items to help you personalize your vehicle. The two most important things to keep in mind however are safety and legality.

Is it Legal?

You have to make sure what you are planning to buy for your vehicle is legal in your state. Laws vary greatly and what may be legal in California may not be legal in New York. Don't assume that since it is sold, it must be legal. The one accessory that comes to mind to illustrate this is window tinting. There are states that allow windows to be tinted and others that strictly prohibit it. If you do a lot of interstate travel, that tinting may be legal where you live, but will get you a ticket in the next one you enter.

Is it Safe?

Think about what you are buying and how it will affect your driving habits. Will it affect the way the car drives and handles? 12" lift kits can make a truck look cool, but it greatly increases the chances of a roll over. I have seen people put ground effects on their cars and they were so low they couldn't pull into their own driveways.

Electronic Accessories

People love bells and whistles and stereo systems can sure have a lot of them. But they can be a distraction when it comes to driving. If you are playing with the equalizer to get the sound "just right" you are not paying attention to the road. Get a stereo that is simple to operate and leave the bells and whistles for the home system. Cell phones are a major distraction to drivers. I took a road test with a women who spent the entire time talking to her girlfriend on the phone and she just went through a red light without knowing it. Tell me that's safe.

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