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My review of the Access-A-Fuse. A neat little product that you will want to have.

by Vince Ciulla

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Recently I came across a product that I think is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is called Access-A-Fuse and it is such a neat, simple idea I wonder why no one has thought of it before.

Access-A-Fuse is actually two fuses in one. A standard 20 amp fuse and a 7.5 amp fuse. The 7.5 amp fuse is more than enough to handle all those accessories we seem to be collecting. Cell phones, radar detectors, stereos and such. With this fuse you can eliminate that cigarette lighter connector and wire the accessory into the fuse box nice and neat.

Using it takes a little thought. First you have to decide if the accessory is to be powered all the time or when the key is in the Accessory or Run position. You can find out which 20 amp fuse is hot in the desired position with a test light or voltmeter.

Once you find the desired fuse, pull it out, and using your test light or volt meter, determine which is feed side (hot) or the load side. Flip up the Access-A-Fuse terminal, push the connector on the terminal and insert the fuse with the terminal on the feed side. This is important because if you put it in with the terminal on the load side, it will probably pop the 20 amp part of the fuse. An insulated female connector is recommended for connection to the Access-A-Fuse extended blade.

If your fuse box has a cover, the terminal is pliable so you can fold it over and have it lie flat. A small wiring diagram is included in the Access-A-Fuse package.

How someone wired his CD player.

How it was wired with an Access-A-Fuse.

I have seen so many fuse boxes with bare wires stuck in between the fuse and connector and wind up damaged because the connector was pushed out the back of the fuse box. Stereo installers will love Access-A-Fuse because it will save so much time in wiring and there is no worry about blowing fuses or other problems due to wrong power connection.

If you have a wire jammed in your fuse box, you need this fuse to save your fuse box and protect your electronics.

Access-A-Fuses are sold in packs of 3 ($4.95), 12 ($15.95), and, for installers, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000. Personally, I'm stocking these fuses in my shop.

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