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"How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive"

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My review of the book "How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive".

"How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive"
by Vince Ciulla

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One of the most popular cars ever built was, without a doubt, the Volkswagen Beetle. Millions of these cars, in all its types, were sold in the US from 1949 to 1979 and many of them are still on the road today. Not a bad idea from someone who tried to conquer the world. Yes, that's right. The idea of the Volkswagen was that of none other than Adolf Hitler. His intention was to give his people a cheap, reliable form of transportation and thus the Beetle was born. To facilitate travel within Germany, he also built the world famous Autobahns. Who knows what else he would have came up with if he weren't so busy taking over the world.

"How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" is written by John Muir, a long time Volkswagen lover. This 476 page soft cover book is not only a manual on how to service and repair your Volkswagen, it includes chapters on the history of the Volkswagen, how they work, how to buy a Volkswagen, the tools you'll need and even how to drive a Volkswagen. It does a very detailed job in describing the many types of Volkswagens so you will know exactly what you have and how to fix it. There is also a time line that describes changes in the cars from year to year.

There is also a chapter with many sources to buy new and used parts and a chapter on books and magazines for the Volkswagen lover.

The book is written based on the assumption that you don't know the first thing about your Volkswagen. The explanations are clear, detailed and very easy to understand. There are plenty of pictures and graphics to go along with the text that help in making clear the particular procedure being discussed.

Some of the chapters include:

  • "Engine Stops Or Won't Start"
  • "Grinds And Growls"
  • "Hi-performance Modifications"
  • "Engine Overhaul"

Each chapter covers each type of Volkswagen in order so there is no problem in finding the type you need.

One of the criteria I use in judging a service and repair manual is how well it covers electrical systems. Wiring diagrams and schematics are essential in being able to troubleshoot an electrical problem. In this book there is only one wiring schematic of the whole electrical system. There is no specific wiring diagram with wire colors but on the other hand, the wiring in these cars are so simple, the schematic alone should provide enough information on what wires go where.

It is very clear that John Muir not only has a great deal of technical knowledge of these cars, but his love and fascination with these cars is also evident. His style is basic and to the point, without being overly technical.

If you own a pre-1980 Volkswagen of any kind, you just have to get this book.

How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive 19 Ed: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Complete Idiot
Written by John Muir

"How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive"
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