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What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want You To Know

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My review of the book "What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want You To Know".

What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want you to Know
by Vince Ciulla

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According to a poll I took, almost half the respondents stated that they did not trust their mechanics. I was a little surprised at this high number. I know finding a good, honest mechanic can be difficult, but I found it hard to believe that a person would trust their vehicle to someone that they don't trust.

Recently I read a book called Honest Mechanic by Austin Davis. This sixty-nine page E-Book is a wealth of information based on his personal experience as a Service Writer in his family-owned shop. In his book he details many ways people can prevent rip-offs and what they can do to lower their repair bills. He tells about tricks of the trade and insider secrets that dishonest mechanics are using to cheat the public.

Some of the chapters include:

  • Getting Service To Fit
  • Bad Things Can Happen To Good People
  • Myths And Mechanical Wisdom
  • Some of the tips in the book include:
"Be wary of loss-leader specials. These are advertisements for services at irresistibly low prices that are designed to entice you into the shop. Once there, the shop will need to sell extra services to make up for the "freebie" service that brought you in the door. You will usually end up paying more for the add-on ticket items than you would have at a reputable shop. Unfortunately, the customer with the 12-year-old car in poor condition who wants a $29.95 tune-up that will "cure" the car's major problems will be taken advantage of the most. Why? These people are on a strict budget and will try very hard to find the cheapest price available regardless if it will actually help solve their repair problem or not. They will usually bounce around from shop to shop in search of a low price and in the long run will probably end up paying a higher price for all of these services that they searched for."
"The price that competitors will quote over the phone is often cheaper than the actual repair-just to get you in the door. They know you are calling for a price comparison, and will deliberately adjust their initial quotes to get your business. Although there is nothing wrong with doing this, the shop may adjust the prices back up once they have won your confidence, or until you start calling other shops for more price comparisons. Sometimes the customer is his own worst enemy."

It is written in a very clear and concise manner that a layman will be able to understand without difficulty. This book is a wealth of useful information that anyone with a car needs and will surely pay for itself many times over.

What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want you to Know
Austin C. Davis
315 West 22nd
Houston, Texas 77008
Telephone: 713-880-0413
Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader
E-mail: Austin C. Davis

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