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Wiha Quality Tools

Guide Rating and Review

My review of Wiha Quality Tools products.

Wiha Quality Tools
by Vince Ciulla

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The one essential thing a mechanic needs are his tools. A mechanic knows that his livelihood depends on having the right tool for the right job and that quality tools will help him do the job right the first time. In addition having good tools will make him more efficient and do the job in less time.

Wiha Quality Tools are just such tools. These tools are made in Germany and are the same high quality that I have come to expect from the Germans. The tools are finely finished and look as good as they work.

I have been testing Wiha Quality Tools in my shop for the last three months and we have used them under all kinds of conditions and pushing them as far as they will go. We broke only one screwdriver, but then again, you're not supposed to use a screw driver as a pry bar.

One of the features I really liked on their allen wrench tools is the ball joint and what the call their "MagicRing" screw holders. This is nice because it will hold the fastener while you guide it into those hard to reach places and it will not fall out. The ball joint on the end allows a 20° angle of entry so if you can't get straight on, you can still remove or install the fastener.

The screwdriver handles feel good in the hand and are large enough to allow you to apply much more torque than other screwdrivers. This allows you to turn a screw or nut that others can't and makes it a lot easier on the hand. The Tee Handles are likewise ergonomicly designed. I have never used Tee Handles much because they just didn't do it for me, but the Whia Tee Handles have changed my mind about that.

We tested a large assortment of tools, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers Tee Handles, Torx and others. Far too many too many to describe each one. But all of the tools we tested worked like a dream, feel good in the hands and, most importantly held up to the use we put them through.

6 In One Hex Bit Set
Bit Selector Hex Set

Now you might think that tools of this quality are very expensive. And yes, you can get tools that are cheaper. But Wiha Quality Tools are comarable to other quality tools. For example a 29 ounce Dead Blow hammer is about $31.00, actually less than the same hammer off the tool truck. Plus the Whia hammers have replaceable faces so when they wear out, you don't have to buy a whole new hammer, just replace the faces.

Overall I was very happy with these tools and I would personally recommend them to anyone who is serious about tools. Their warranty is simple:

"All Wiha Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers carry a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Wiha will replace tools found to be defective providing the tools have not been altered or misused."

You can't get a better warranty then that anywhere.

In addition they have a line of tools for fine work such as electronic and other project and repair jobs. I especially like their electronic screwdrivers with a rotating finger cup on the end so you can hold the screwdriver steady and still turn it. Very nice indeed. You can contact them for a free full catalog and price list.

Wiha Quality Tools
1348 Dundas Circle
Monticello, MN 55362
Phone: 763-295-6591
Fax: 763-295-6598

Additional Information provided courtesy of and Warranty Direct
© 2000-2007 Vincent T. Ciulla

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