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Over the last few weeks many of you have asked me to recommend a good repair shop. This is very difficult for me because I don't know every shop personally. I can't very well recommend a repair shop in, for example, Southern California or Maryland when I've never been there.

But I think I have come up with a way to remedy this situation. You can be my repair shop reviewers. I have created a form you can fill out where you can tell others of your experiences with the shops you deal with. In this way others who are looking for a good shop can check in and see if there is a recommended shop in their area.

The form is very simple to fill out. The reviews will be listed on a page by state, city and type of repair shop. There is a box for you to put your own specific comments. Maybe someone there went out of their way to help you or did an exceptionally good job. Or maybe they didn't, either way your experience can help someone else get the quality shop they're looking for or to avoid a bad one.

If you have gone to a shop that has been reviewed here, I encourage you to submit a review of your own of that shop. In this way we can get a more accurate rating of that shop.

Repair Shop Review Form

Repair Shop Reviews

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