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Brake System

Good information on the most important system in your car.

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DIY: Disc Brakes
These instructions will help you change the disc pads on most popular vehicles. Be sure to READ these instructions completely before you begin.
DIY: Drum Brakes
This is a good job for a moderately skilled DIY. It only takes about three hours to do and will save you quite a few bucks. Plus you will get the satisfaction of saying "I did it myself!"
DIY: Wheel Cylinders
Here's a good job for the DIY that's easy and will save you a few bucks.
How Antilock Brake Systems Work
Understanding what ABS is and how it works.
Troubleshooting The Brake System
The brake system is probably the most important system in your vehicle. There's no sense in making the car go if you can't make the car stop.
A Disc Brake Glossary
Like most areas of automotive engineering, the world of disc brakes is crowded with jargon, unique terms and specialized concepts.
ABS: Antilock Brake Systems
Good informative site on Anti-lock braking systems with diagrams.
This webpage is here to help the average individual to repair a faulty ABS EBCM module cost effectively.
Anti-Lock Brakes
What is ABS? What it does, how it works and service implications.
Automotive - Brakes
Here's a situation; You are driving your vehicle and you notice a squealing noise coming from the front of the car...
Brake Bleeding
According to the Car Care Council, brake fluid in the typical vehicle can become contaminated in two years or less.
Brake Fluid: A Hot Topic
Did you know the average motorist who drives 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year uses his brakes about 75,000 times a year?
Brake Friction
With the exception of antilock braking systems (ABS), brake technology hasn't changed much since we made the move away from asbestos pads and linings.
Brake System
An excellent overview of the braking system with detailed explanations of the different parts and their functions.
Good place to find out how brakes work and the most common problems with brake systems in general.
Brakes and Brake Testing
Although today's automotive brake systems are far more complex than those of 20 or even 10 years ago, the basic principles of operation remain unchanged.
Brakes Overview
MPEG video gives an overview of disc and drum brakes and brake problems produced by Hunter Engineering. Size 8.3 mb.
Brakes: What to Watch for
Today's brake systems are built for balanced braking. All brakes have certain components in common, and they all display similar warning signs when they begin to wear out. (Slow loading but worth the wait.)
Performance disc brake upgrades, large selection of high performance brake pads, cross drilled brake rotors, slotted brake rotors and big brake kits for most cars, trucks and SUVs.
Disc Brake FAQ's
Some Frequently Asked Questions about disc brakes by You'll need a java enabled browser for this site.
Disc Brakes - An overview
Basic disc brake information.
Doing A Complete Brake Job
What's a "complete" brake job? The opposite of an "incomplete" brake job, obviously.
Drum Brakes - An overview
Basic drum brake information.
Fixes For Common Brake Problems
Brake problems usually indicate the need to sell certain repairs or replacement parts, so here’s a quick review of some common fixes.
Getting the ABS Concept
Stopping a car in a hurry on a slippery road can be very challenging. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) take a lot of the challenge out of this sometimes nerve wracking event.
How Your Brakes Work
The insides of the brake system.
Master Cylinders - An overview
Basic information on the brake master cylinder.
Oddball Facts & Figures
Automotive brakes have benefited from over 100 years of development, transforming them to today's reliable and efficient braking systems.
Parking Brakes - An overview
Basic parking brake information.
Pulling ABS Diagnostic Codes
An ABS warning lamp that’s on usually means trouble. If you’re not dealing with a real problem the ABS system has self-diagnosed, you may have a "false" code that was set by some combination of circumstances. Either way, you’ll have to pull the code to figure out what’s wrong.
Servicing Drum Brakes
Good DIY information on servicing front or rear drum brakes.
Silencing Brake Squeal
Like fingernails scraping across a blackboard, brake squeal is enough to make anybody’s hair stand on end.
Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation
Specializes in front or rear drum to disc brake conversion kits.
Ten Things You Should Know About Brakes.
Brakes are something which comes to mind only when things go wrong.
The Complete Brake Job: A Step by Step Approach
Everything a proper and complete brake job should consist of.
The Importance of Observing Scrap Thickness
Scrap Thickness is a measurement determined by a motor vehicle-maker during the design phase.
Troubleshooting Power Brakes
The magic of power brakes allows a 98 lb. little old lady to bring two tons of Lincoln Town Car to a screeching halt with little more than a light caress of her foot against the brake pedal.
Understanding Your Brakes
The info stop.
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