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Cooling System

Here are links to help keep your engine from losing its cool.

Articles & Resources
Antifreeze: Red or Green?
Dexcool® or regular antifreeze? Which antifreeze to use and why.
Cooling Systems: Part 1
How this important system works and helps your engine keep its cool.
Cooling Systems: Part 2
How this important system works and helps your engine keep its cool.
DIY: Replacing Your Water Pump
The water pump is a vital part of your car's cooling system. If it develops a leak around the shaft and is noisy, it should be replaced.
Electric Cooling Fan Problems
It's not quite summer yet and I'm seeing cars come in with overheating problems. Here is how you can avoid coming into my shop with this problem.
Advanced Cooling System Basics
Stewart's Guide to High Performance Cooling Systems.
Belt & Hose Service
According to the Car Care Council, nearly 30% of the vehicles they’ve inspected have belts and/or hose that need replacing. Yet in most cases, the vehicles’ owners were totally unaware of the condition of these parts.
Changing Engine Coolant
One of the most commonly neglected maintenance procedures is changing coolant, or antifreeze. On average, for every hour an engine runs, about 7,500 gallons of coolant circulate through its cooling system.
Cleaning and Repairing Radiator Fins
It's important to keep the radiator fins and A/C condenser free of dust buildup, insects and other debris that can restrict airflow and thus diminish the overall effectiveness of the cooling system.
Coolant Checks & Changes
Checking and changing the coolant in today’s cars has become a lot more complicated these days, so here are some tips to keep in mind.
Cooling System Basics
Inside your car's engine, fuel is constantly burning. A lot of the heat from this combustion goes right out the exhaust system, but some of it soaks into the engine, heating it up.
Cooling System Care and Maintenance
Environmental issues have required engines to run hotter to reduce exhaust emissions. Today's engines run on the borderline of overheating.
Cooling System Quiz
Here are five multiple choice questions on the cooling system.
Electric Cooling Fan Problems
Traffic suddenly slows to a crawl and the temperature starts to climb. Here's what to look for and how to repair it.
Flushing Your Cooling System
Should you leave it in? The answer is no, especially if it's been two years or more since the last time you drained it.
General Auto Cooling Systems
Good site explaining how a cooling system and its parts work.
GM Cooling System Problems
Radiator Fan Turn-On Switches.
J. B. Chemical Co. Inc.
Manufacturer of the KEM-O-PRO® line of Automotive, Marine and Industrial Care Products.
Main Components of Your Cooling System
A Few moments spent reading this will help you understand your cooling system problems.
Overheating: Causes & Cures
Two-thirds of the heat produced by each gallon of fuel either goes out the tailpipe or is soaked up by the engine itself.
Radiator Failures
Radiator Failures is a chart showing possible problems that can occur to radiators in general, not singling out any one particular manufacturer.
Radiator FAQ
The most frequently asked questions about radiators.
Radiator Tips
Look for a new here for a new tip once a month.
Replacement Radiator Fan and Electric Cooling Fans
If you want to boost the power of your vehicle's cooling system, you may want to consider some after-market upgrades. A high-velocity radiator fan and auxiliary cooling fans can help keep your engine cooler even under more severe conditions.
Selecting the Right Coolant
You got your cooling system nice and clean. Now what do you put in? This will explain the differences between coolants.
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