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Steering and Suspension

Ride a little hard? Too soft? Do you feel like the Princess and the Pea, feeling every bump in the road? Check these links out and fix that ride.

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Steering & Suspension
These two systems have the important job of controlling where your car goes and how it rides. Here, in general terms, are how they work.
Troubleshooting Steering & Suspension Problems
Squeals, shimmys, vibrations. What does it all mean? Here are some things to look for when your car is not behaving as it should.
Wheel Alignment
What is a wheel alignment and how does it effect your vehicle?
A Primer on Suspension Testing
The suspension is responsible for keeping the tire firmly planted on the road.
Diagnosing Ride Control Complaints
Higher quality standards in new vehicles, plusher riding and more sophisticated suspensions in both mid-size cars and luxury sedans mean drivers are more likely to notice subtle changes in ride control.
FAQ - Steering and Suspension Theory
What exactly is a wheel alignment? Find out from the experts.
Making 'Sense' out of Making 'Traction'
If you understand why it's better to have the inside lane when you race in a 440-yard dash, then you'll certainly grasp this next concept.
Replacing Front Shock Absorbers
There are over 60,000 miles on the clock and the tires are starting to develop little concave "cups," sure signs it's time for new shocks.
Replacing Rear Shock Absorbers
If you find something that looks like a Chia Pet growing behind your rear wheel, it means the shock is leaking oil and attracting road gunk.
In the past, a wide variety of direct and indirect shock absorbing devices were used to control spring action of passenger cars.
Smooth Road Ahead: Springs and Shocks
Whether you are a veteran car buff or a person who rarely peeks under your car's hood, it's a good idea to be reminded about suspension maintenance.
In the past, a wide variety of direct and indirect shock absorbing devices were used to control spring action of passenger cars.
Suspension Basics I: Shake, Rattle and Roll
Suspension system basic theories and operation.
Suspension II: Still Rocking After All These Years
Shock absorbers and spring arrangements.
Suspension III: Active Suspension Systems
Active suspension systems and how they work.
Suspension IV: Improving Your Suspension
Some ways you can improve your car's handling ability through suspension modification.
Suspension Repair And Maintenance
"It feels like driving a truck!!" complains your significant other.
Suspension Systems
If you peer under the cars and light trucks on the road today, you will find a variety of suspension systems. These suspension systems have several distinct functions.
What Everyone Should Know About Wheel Alignment
What Everyone Should Know About Wheel Alignment.
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