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Jump Starting

Definition: A technique of starting one vehicle using another vehicle's battery. A pair of jumper cables are required to connect the terminals of both batteries together (positive to positive, negative to negative). The safest technique is first connect the positive terminals on both batteries to one another, and then to connect the negative terminal on the good battery to a ground (such as the engine block or frame) on the vehicle with dead battery. The final jumper connection usually sparks so keeping the spark away from the discharged battery avoids any danger of blowing up the battery. Once the jumper cables have been connected, the engine should be run at fast idle to help charge the dead battery for a couple of minutes. Then the first attempt to start the car should be made. If it doesn't start within 15 seconds, stop and wait a minute before trying again. This gives the starter a chance to cool off. Continuous cranking can ruin the starter and drain the good battery.

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