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All Info About Auto Repair: Top 15 Terms For Service
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Top 15 Terms For Service

When you take your car or truck in for service or repair you may feel like the Technicians are speaking a different language. Here are some of the more important terms you should know when you go to a repair shop.

1. Air Flow Sensor/Mass Air Flow Sensor
Device used to measure the amount of air entering the engine.
2. Alternator
A device used for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
3. Ball Joint
A flexible coupling in a vehicle's suspension that connects the control arm to the steering knuckle.
4. Brake Job
A typical brake job includes replacing the brake linings (new disc brake pads and shoes), resurfacing the rotors and drums, adding fresh brake fluid and bleeding the system.
5. Coolant Temperature Sensor
A variable resistance thermistor that changes resistance as the engine's coolant temperature changes.
6. Diagnostic Trouble Code
When a fault is detected, the computer will store a diagnostic trouble code in its memory and illuminate the "Check Engine" light.
7. EGR Valve
The EGR valve is the main emissions control component in the exhaust gas recirculation system.
8. Four-Wheel Alignment
An alignment job that includes all four wheels, not just the front two.
9. Ignition Module
The electronic control for the ignition system. The module receives a signal from a magnetic pickup or Hall effect sensor in the distributor.
10. OBD II
Onboard Diagnostics II-A second-generation emissions diagnostic system required on all 1996 and newer vehicles.
11. Pulling
Tendency of a vehicle to pull to one side under braking.
12. Rebuilt Parts
Rebuilt parts are those that have been salvaged and reconditioned to good-as-new condition.
13. Serpentine Belt
A type of flat rubber drive belt that is used to turn multiple accessories on the front of an engine.
14. Solenoid
A coil used to produce a magnetic field, the effect of which is to produce work.
15. Tire Ratings
On the sidewall of every tire is information about tire size, maximum load rating, maximum inflation pressure, tire construction (See Radial Tire) and performance standards.
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