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Maxxeon WorkStar 1200

Guide Rating and Review

My review of the Maxxeon® WorkStar 1200

Maxxeon® WorkStar 1200
by Vince Ciulla

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One tool that every mechanic uses every day is a droplight. Droplights come in every type, shape and size. From the incandescent droplight with it's familiar cage to the newer florescent droplights. Now we all know why they are called droplights, don't we? You hang them where you want them and they drop to the floor. When they do, nine times out of ten the bulb breaks and then the hunt is on for a new bulb.

The florescent droplights were a huge improvement. If you dropped them the bulbs had a better chance of surviving. They were cool and didn't burn your hands and arms like the hot incandescent droplights and the light was brighter. The florescent droplights are much safer too. I know of one shop that burned to the ground because an incandescent droplight fell to the floor and the bulb broke, igniting the fumes from a gas tank that was being removed from a vehicle. Some states now ban the use of incandescent droplights completely because they are such a safety hazard.

Florescent droplights generally come in two sizes, long and short. I have both in my shop. The long ones have two plastic hooks that I can attach to the hood and illuminate the whole engine compartment and a shorter one that fits into the spots where I need it.

Recently I had the chance to use a new type of droplight. It's called the Maxxeon® WorkStar 1200. The Maxxeon® WorkStar 1200 uses a powerful Luxeon LED with a special custom-designed reflector and a rotating head that puts the light where you need it. The Maxxeon® WorkStar 1200 is an environmentally friendly tool as well. The LED won't break and it uses only a fraction of the energy of an incandescent or fluorescence bulb.

Guide Rating and Review

The head rotates 350° and can be tilted 180° allowing the light to be adjusted to where you need it. There are two high-powered rare-earth magnets that will let you attach the light to any ferrous surface. There is also a retractable hook that will allow you to hang the droplight as well.

This light is cordless and is powered by four AA nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries that are readily available in stores. Maxxeon says the batteries will, with a full charge, last five hours. However I left mine on for almost ten hours before the batteries died. I was able to use it for a couple of days before it needed to be recharged.

The light comes with a charger that plugs into the side of the light to recharge the batteries. Ni-MH batteries do not have a "memory" so they do not have to be completely discharged before charging. Charging takes about two hours. The Ni-MH batteries will last at least 500 charge/discharge cycles so if you use it daily the batteries should last a couple of years before they will need replacing.

What I do is use it during the day and plug the charger in before going home for the night. The light works with the charger plugged in so if you forget to charge it, it will be like a corded light. However the light needs to be turned off to start the charging cycle.

The light measures 11" long and 2" square. The shape is nice since being square it can't roll off a lift. This light is not waterproof, but it is water resistant and it can withstand a few drops here and there. But like any light it won't withstand a lot of abuse.

The LED puts out a lot of light, equal to, if not more than, any other droplight I have ever used. The LED itself should last about ten years and it can't break. About the only downside I see to this light are the magnets. Two do not seem to be enough and the light has a tendency to slide down unless propped up against something. The magnets themselves are quite strong so perhaps the addition of one more magnet will solve the sliding.

I really like this light and its uses don't stop at the shop. It makes an ideal emergency light with enough light to light up a room when the power goes out. I can also see this light being useful on camping trips.

The Maxxeon® WorkStar 1200 lists for $139.00 but you can save some money by buying it from

Maxxeon Inc.
Suite 1108
1025 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON Canada K2B 8G8
Telephone: (877) 621-0005
Fax: (519) 620-2011
E-Mail: Customer Service

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© 2000-2007 Vincent T. Ciulla

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