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All Info About Auto Repair: Bargain Oil Changes - A Rebuttal II
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Bargain Oil Changes - A Rebuttal II

Another Quick Lube Owner has his say.

I found your article on Quick Lube (Bargain Oil Changes) places interesting and probably true in the US. When there I try to avoid them. Maybe significant of their attitude is Jiffy Lube's use of cheap Fram-made oil filters. But things change in different parts of the world. Most Quick Lube places here are worse than the U.S., often filtering the old, dirty oil to put it in the next car, or filling Brand Name drums and gallons with the cheapest garbage they can find.

But mechanics are often worse. Most will insist that there is no difference between Type A ATF and Mercon V or ATF+3. They will use the cheapest SAE 40 straight weight they can find, often a SF/CD. Even though temperatures are normally in the 20's F.

I think people would really get to know the owner and manager of whatever shop he uses, check the opinions and recommendations, check the knowledge as best as they can.

I own three lube places. But our main interest is in importing and commercializing two US brands of oil (Chevron and American Petroleum). Everything we do is oriented towards quality and getting people to preserve their cars. We charge the street price for the oil but nothing for labor. Just try to break even on it as a service and to get people to see that real oil works.

We will try to sell you an air filter if there is dirt in the carburetor, passage after the filter, or it is totally blocked. We will replace your fuel filter if you want. We will tell you if you have a problem with shock absorbers or wheel alignment, but will send you to your favorite mechanic for it. We will clean and fill your radiator for the price of the coolant, or send you to a mechanic if your radiator is leaking.

We will grease your car for the price of the grease and tell you if you need to go to your mechanic for U-joints or tie rods. We will balance your tires for $1.90 each if you want, align your headlights free. We make our money on Industrial and Fleet sales of Drums.

Automotive services make up 0.47% of our business, but the owner of every car is possibly the owner or maintenance engineer for a construction company, factory or other business. He has to go away so happy that he wants to talk about us and our products, using them where he can.

Richard Widman
Widman International S.R.L.

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