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Dealer Versus Aftermarket: The Fight Is On

    There is a battle being fought every day in the auto repair industry. And the winner gets your service dollars.
» Part 1: The Dealer
» Part 2: Size Matters
» Part 3: The Independent

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, size does matter. The dealerships generally have larger facilities with more service bays to meet the needs of their customers. With more service bays, there are more technicians available to take care of customer vehicles. There is a Chevrolet dealership in New Jersey that has over 100 bays and technicians working three shifts to service vehicles.

Another strength of the dealer is it has the name and backing of the manufacturers. Owners of the dealership, or dealer principles as they are known as, pay big bucks to obtain and hold on to the manufacturers name. This carries the responsibility of manufacturer representation and meeting the standards of proper customer service. This benefits the customer since the manufacturer keeps a close watch on the dealer to be sure they are treating you, the customer, properly.

As the manufacturer's representative the dealer can back up repairs with a warranty that can be honored nationwide. Should a problem pop up, another dealer can do repairs under the warranty and, in most cases, perform any required maintenance while still in the warranty period.

Another strength is the dealership can offer extended warranties for new and used vehicles that are backed by the manufacturer. This makes getting repairs done under warranty easier since all the manufacturer's dealers honor this warranty.

Dealers only carry the manufacturers O.E. (Original Equipment) parts that meet higher engineering and quality standards that only the manufacturer can authorize. Most dealerships offer a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor for service and repairs. Many manufacturers offer some of the best warranties in the business on not only the parts but also the dealer's labor to install those parts.

All these strengths are why you pay a higher labor rate at a dealers service facility than an independent shop, which makes it the main reason for not going back to the dealer after the warranty expires. Some other reasons for not using the dealers' service facility is that they won't usually install aftermarket or high performance parts. To most of us that's no big deal, but it does matter to some. Dealerships tend to be less personal, thus, unfortunately, less trusted.

I have, in my time, worked at a few dealerships and have seen it all; from the good to the bad. There is one dealership in Little Silver New Jersey I can drop my car off and say, "Fix it." and know I will be treated fairly and honestly. On the other side of the coin, there is a dealership in Lacrosse Wisconsin that I would never take my car to because the management would just as soon screw you as look at you.

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