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All Info About Auto Repair: Other Odd DIY Jobs
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Other Odd DIY Jobs

All the other DIY jobs around the car you can do yourself.

Articles & Resources
DIY: GM Tilt Steering Wheels
Step by step on how to take apart and repair GM tilt steering wheels. By Alvie Rogers C.E.T.
DIY: How To Replace Your Transmission Filter
Regular transmission fluid and filter changes are important to keep your transmission in peak operating condition.
DIY: Toyota Camry Door Panel/Front Door Handle
This is another DIY job sent in by a reader. It shows, step by step, how to remove the door panel and the outside door handle for replacement. Since all door panels come of in a similar fashion, it will be of help to anyone removing a door panel.
DIY: Repairing Paint Chips
The moment you have been dreading has arrived. You have to go to the mall in your beautiful, expensive, brand new car.
DIY: Replace Your TCC Solenoid (GM)
How To Repair A Very Common Failure.
DIY: Replacing A Steering Rack
Replacing a power steering rack can be a difficult and challenging job. But if you are up to the challenge, you can do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars.
DIY: Replacing Universal Joints
A few basic tools, a good sturdy vice and a decent hammer is all you'll need to do this job.
DIY: Wheel Bearings
A good job for the DIY that will save a few bucks and may prevent a very costly repair bill down the road.
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