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Back To Basics

Quite often a problem is a small thing that should have been checked in the first place. We have to get Back To Basics.
» Part 1: Back To Basics
» Part 2: Air And Fuel
» Part 3: Spark
» Part 4: Engine & Electrical

Back To Basics

I get many, many letters everyday looking for help and suggestions on what a problem may be or caused by. Many times the answer is very simple. The fact is modern fuel injection systems are very robust and reliable. Yes, things do go wrong but nine times out of ten it is something simple and stupid that should have been checked first. I know a lot of professional technicians, myself included, that have been bitten on the ass by not checking the basics first. It's almost like building a house. You don't build the walls or roof first. You build a good foundation first. Troubleshooting is the same thing. Why look for an electrical problem for three days when simply changing a fuel filter would solve the problem.

When you have a problem you're trying to fix, there are some basic checks to make no matter what make or model car you have. This are simple things to check and do not require any special tools.

For an engine to run, you need three things:

  1. Air (Vacuum, compression)
  2. Fuel
  3. Spark (Electrical)

Without any one of these things the engine will not run.

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