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How to Change Your Fuel Filter

I receive a lot of questions concerning power loss, hesitation and hard starting in a vehicle. Many of these complaints can be traced to a clogged fuel filter. Here I tell you how to replace it and what to watch out for.
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Another question I'm often asked is; "How can I tell if my fuel filter needs to be replaced?"

Well, contrary to what a lot of fast oil change places tell you, you can't tell if a fuel filter needs replacing just by looking at it. Well, you can if you have X-Ray vision. And the only guy I know of that has X-Ray vision wears a red cape and I have never seen him at a fast oil change place.

The only way to tell for sure is to remove the filter and blow through it. If there's little resistance, the filter is still okay and does not need to be replaced. But if there's more than minimal resistance, the filter is dirty and should be replaced.

DANGER: Gasoline is poisonous, does not taste very good and may burn sensitive lips. So don't hold the filter to your mouth to blow through it. Instead, attach a short piece of clean rubber hose to the filter and then blow through the hose to test the filter.

Clogged Filter Problems:
A completely plugged fuel filter will stop your engine cold by choking off the flow of fuel to the carburetor or injectors. The engine may not start, or it may start, then stall and die. It's not only important to have good fuel pressure, but you also need a good volume of fuel. In fact there is a specification for the volume of fuel in a given time, usually 1.8 to 2.7 quarts per minute.

Some filters have a bypass valve built into them, however that will allow fuel to bypass the filter element if it becomes clogged. Fuel continues to flow, but it will carry dirt to the carburetor or injectors, which can create additional problems.

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