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How to Change Your Fuel Filter

I receive a lot of questions concerning power loss, hesitation and hard starting in a vehicle. Many of these complaints can be traced to a clogged fuel filter. Here I tell you how to replace it and what to watch out for.
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Fuel Injection Filters:
Fuel filters on fuel-injected vehicles are larger, are encased in a metal container and have a finer filter element, to protect the fuel injectors, than fuel filters on carbureted engines. And they are also more expensive to replace.

CAUTION: Fuel injected engines have fuel under high pressure in the fuel lines. Even if the vehicle has been sitting without being started for a day or two, there will still be pressure in the fuel system. Follow the manufacturer's procedure for relieving fuel pressure before you remove the fuel filter. Usually removing the fuel pump fuse or fuel pump relay and cranking the engine will relieve most of the fuel pressure.

How to Change Your Fuel Filter

Finding the fuel filter can be half the battle. The filter may be located anywhere between the fuel tank and injector fuel supply rail or throttle body. On many cars, trucks and vans the filter is often located underneath the vehicle along a frame rail or in a bracket near the fuel tank. On some vehicles the fuel filter is part of the electric fuel pump module located inside the fuel tank.

Most fuel filters have an arrow indicating the direction of fuel flow. The fuel filter must be installed with the arrow pointing toward the engine and away from the fuel tank. If the filter is located inside the tank, the tank will have to be removed. If this is the case, replace both the fuel filter and the fuel pump screen or sock. This may be a job more suited to your mechanic.

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