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How to Change Your Fuel Filter

I receive a lot of questions concerning power loss, hesitation and hard starting in a vehicle. Many of these complaints can be traced to a clogged fuel filter. Here I tell you how to replace it and what to watch out for.
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Fuel Filter Replacement:
First things first, if you value your life, do not smoke or allow any one near you to smoke while replacing the fuel filter. Replace the fuel filter on a cold engine to avoid the possibility of the fuel hitting an exhaust manifold or pipe and igniting. It only takes a small spark to ignite the fuel and cause a disaster.

Most fuel filters have a cover or shield protecting them. They usually come off with a screwdriver or small wrench. Once the cover is off, you will see the fuel filter and lines. This is important, some fuel fittings will need a special tool to disconnect the lines from the fuel filter. Others will have a simple hex line fitting. Some Fords require a special tool to remove the fuel lines and they have thoughtfully provided one for you.

How to Change Your Fuel Filter How to Change Your Fuel Filter

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