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How to Change Your Fuel Filter

I receive a lot of questions concerning power loss, hesitation and hard starting in a vehicle. Many of these complaints can be traced to a clogged fuel filter. Here I tell you how to replace it and what to watch out for.
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Another type of fuel line fitting is the "push connect" fitting. These are found most often on Ford vehicles.

With a small screwdriver, remove the hairpin clips from the line. Then just wiggle the fuel filter out of the fitting being careful not to kink the fuel line. Now put the two new hairpin clips that came with the new fuel filter and install them into the fitting. Use a golf tee or something similar to plug the fuel line and prevent fuel from running out of the fuel tank.

How to Change Your Fuel Filter How to Change Your Fuel Filter How to Change Your Fuel Filter

How to Change Your Fuel FilterTo reinstall the fitting, push the fuel filter and line together until you hear, and feel, it click together. A little oil or white grease on the fitting will help them slide together easier. Again, be sure not to kink the line.

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