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Diagnostic Trouble Codes - 1995 Geo

Engine RPM Signal
 14  Ignition Signal Circuit (No Signal)
 16  PCM Control Signal
 21  Oxygen Sensor Circuit (Open/Shorted Circuit)
 22  Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) Circuit
 24  Intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit
 25  Oxygen Sensor Circuit Lean Exhaust Indicated
 26  Oxygen Sensor Circuit Rich Exhaust Indicated
 27  Sub Oxygen Sensor
 31  Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor (Open/Shorted)
 41  Throttle Switch (TS) Circuit
 42  Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit
 43  No Crank Signal (No Signal From Starter)
 51  Switch Condition Signal
 52  Knock Sensor Circuit
 62  No. 1 Shift Solenoid Circuit
 63  No. 2 Shift Solenoid Circuit
 64  Torque Converter Clutch Circuit
 71  EGR Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit (California Only)

The provision for reading trouble codes is through the check connector. Using a jumper wire, the diagnosis switch (6) is connected to ground (5). The ECM will then toggle the "CHECK ENGINE" light to emit any trouble codes stored in the ECM. If no codes exist, the line will flash "ON" and "OFF."

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