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Diagnostic Trouble Codes - 1995 Jeep

 11  IGN reference signal.
 12  Battery input to PCM disconnected during last 50 key starts.
 13  Fault in the map sensor pneumatic circuit.
 14  Fault in the map sensor electrical circuit.
 15  Fault in the vehicle speed sensor circuit.
 17  Engine running too cool.
 21  Problem in the oxygen feedback circuit.
 22  Fault in the coolant temperature sensor circuit.
 23  Air temperature sensor.
 24  Intake air temp. sensor voltage high.
 25  Fault in the IAC motor drive circuit.
 27  Fault in injector driver interface circuit.
 33  Fault in air conditioning cutout relay circuit.
 34  S/C solenoid circuits.
 35  Fault in fan relay circuit.
 41  Fault in the charging system or no field current.
 42  Fault in the ASD relay driver circuit.
 44  Battery Temp Voltage.
 46  Battery voltage is too high.
 47  Battery voltage is too low.
 51  Lean condition is indicated.
 52  Rich condition is indicated.
 53  Internal problem in module.
 54  No cam position signal.
 55  Completion of fault code display.
 62  Unsuccessful attempt to update EMR mileage.
 63  Unsuccessful attempt to write to an EEPROM location by the controller.

Extracting Fault Codes:
Turn the ignition switch ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON and observe the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT should begin to flash a series of codes. The flashes will be separated by short an long pauses. The long pauses separate the "ones" and "tens" positions, and each code from the next. A code 55 will be displayed at the end of the test.

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