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Diagnostic Trouble Codes - 1995 Mazda

 02  Crank Position Sensor (NE Signal).
 03  Cam Position Sensor (SGC Signal).
 05  Knock Sensor.
 08  Air Flow Sensor.
 09  Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor.
 10  Intake Air Temp. Sensor (Air Flow Sensor).
 12  Throttle Position Sensor.
 14  Barometric Absolute Press. Sensor.
Heated Oxygen Sensor (Inactivation).
 16  EGR Function Sensor.
 25  Pressure Regulator Control Solenoid Valve.
 26  Purge Control Solenoid Valve.
 28  EGR Vacuum Solenoid Valve.
 29  EGR Vent Solenoid Valve.
 34  Idle Air Control Valve.
 41  VRIS 1 Solenoid Valve.
 46  VRIS 2 Solenoid Valve.

To Extract DTCs:

  1. Warm engine to operating temperature and turn ignition "OFF."
  2. Install jumper wire between TEN and GND terminals of data link connector.
  3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
  4. If MIL illuminates for 3 seconds, goes off, and stays off, no codes are present.
  5. If MIL illuminates, then starts flashing, record codes.
  6. When all codes have been recorded, remove jumper wire.

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