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Diagnostic Trouble Codes - 1995 Nissan

 11  Crankshaft Position Sensor
 12  Air Flow Meter
 13  Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
 14  Vehicle Speed Sensor
 21  Ignition Signal
 22  Fuel Pump
 31  Engine Control Unit
 32  EGR Function
 33  Oxygen (O2) Sensor
 34  Knock Sensor (Turbo Only)
 35  EGR Temperature Sensor
 43  Throttle Position Sensor
 45  Injector Leak
 51  Injector Circuit
 54  A/T Control
 55  No Faults In Memory

  1. Access the ECU and position it for observing the diodes.
  2. Turn the diagnostic mode selector on the ECU fully clockwise, wait two seconds.
  3. Turn the selector fully counterclockwise.

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