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All Info About Auto Repair: Incident Simulation Testing Part 4
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Incident Simulation Testing Part 4

If the symptom is not present when the vehicle is being checked, everything you check will show as good.
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Heat Sensitive

If the problem seems to occurs during hot weather or after the car has sat for a short period of time, you will want to check for a heat sensitive condition.


If the incident goes away after the car warms up (wintertime) the cause could be related to water freezing somewhere in the wiring/electrical system.

There are two methods to check for this. The first is to let the car sit over night. Make sure it will get cold enough to demonstrate the incident. Leave the car parked outside overnight. In the morning, be prepared to do a quick and thorough diagnosis of those electrical components that could be affected.

The second method to diagnose for a freezing component is to put the suspect component into a freezer long enough for any water to freeze. If reinstalling the part into the car results in the incident reoccurring you will need to repair or replace that component.

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