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All Info About Auto Repair: Incident Simulation Testing Part 5
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Incident Simulation Testing Part 5

If the symptom is not present when the vehicle is being checked, everything you check will show as good.
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» Part 4: Heat Sensitive
» Part 5: Water Intrusion
» Part 6: Other Problems

Water Intrusion

If the incident only occurs during high humidity or rainy/snowy periods, it could be caused by water intrusion on an electrical part. Soaking the car or running it through a car wash can simulate this. Do not spray water directly on any electrical components.

Electrical Load

If the incident appears to be electrical load sensitive, perform diagnosis while all accessories are turned on including, A/C, rear defog, radio, fog lamps, etc.

Cold or Hot Start Up

On some occasions an electrical incident may only occur when the car is started cold or when the car is restarted (hot) shortly after being turned off. In these cases you may have to let the car sit overnight to make a proper diagnosis.

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