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Feel, Hear, See, Smell 2g

When you have a problem with your car you detect it with one of your senses. Either you feel something wrong, hear something, see something or smell something wrong. This is one of a series of articles that will help you interpret what you are sensing and come up with some possible cause of the problem.
» Part 1: Thump & Clunk
» Part 2: Brakes Squeal
» Part 3: Windshield Wipers
» Part 4: Pop & Knock
» Part 5: Popping Noise
» Part 6: Whirring & Buzzing
» Part 7: Too Loud
» Part 8: Transmission Noise
» Part 9: Rattling Noise

  • Radio or trip computer won't work after you had service performed on your car:
    You took your car in for service, and things that worked before don't work now. This shouldn't happen unless you have an anti-theft radio or computer. These antitheft items have protection circuits built into them to prevent thieves from being able to use them. If the work you had done on your car involved disconnecting the battery, the protection circuits locked out the usefulness of the radio and/or computer. This problem can also occur if you had your battery replaced or it died.

    Possible causes:
    1. You need the security code that should be included in your owner's manual along with the directions for inserting the code: Enter security code.

    2. If you don't have the security code, go to your dealership (must be an authorized dealer for your make and model of car). They can get the code and will be able to program the unit based on your car's identification (VIN) numbers: Obtain and enter security code.


  • Horn works some of the time:
    Sometimes the horn works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes pressing the horn pad in different places, or by applying different pressure will get it to sound.

    Possible causes:
    1. You have a bad horn switch (button) assembly: Replace horn button.

    2. Your horn relay is bad: Replace horn relay.

    3. The electrical wires that provide the ground circuit for the horn are damaged or loose: Clean and/or repair horn(s) ground wires.


    Too Loud

  • Loud exhaust:
    There is a loud exhaust noise that may be coming from either the front or rear of the vehicle.

    Possible causes:
    1. Muffler or exhaust pipe worn out: Replace muffler and pipes as required.

    2. Exhaust manifold cracked or broken: Replace exhaust manifold.


  • Engine backfires when you press on the gas pedal:
    In short, you have a serious problem. Every time you step on the gas the engine makes a popping sound. The popping may be loud or soft.

    Possible causes:
    1. Your camshaft-timing belt or chain may have slipped: Replace timing belt or timing chain.

    2. The ignition timing may be set wrong: Adjust ignition timing.

    3. The engine may have mechanical problems: Check compression to determine engine condition.

    4. Your spark plug wires are placed on the wrong spark plugs: Check firing order and place the wires on the correct spark plugs.


  • Engine backfires when you let off the gas pedal:
    Everything about the way your engine runs is fine, except when you let off the gas pedal there is a loud BANG from the rear of the car. The only time this happens is when you take your foot off the gas.

    Possible causes:
    1. You have a bad air injection diverter valve: Replace air injection diverter valve.

    2. The ignition timing may be set wrong: Adjust ignition timing.

    3. The engine may have mechanical problems: Check compression to determine engine condition.

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