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Feel, Hear, See, Smell 2h

When you have a problem with your car you detect it with one of your senses. Either you feel something wrong, hear something, see something or smell something wrong. This is one of a series of articles that will help you interpret what you are sensing and come up with some possible cause of the problem.
» Part 1: Thump & Clunk
» Part 2: Brakes Squeal
» Part 3: Windshield Wipers
» Part 4: Pop & Knock
» Part 5: Popping Noise
» Part 6: Whirring & Buzzing
» Part 7: Too Loud
» Part 8: Transmission Noise
» Part 9: Rattling Noise

  • Heater/Air Conditioning fan makes noise:
    Whenever you turn on your fan, it makes noise and sometimes there will also be a lot of vibration with the noise. The noise and vibration will seem to get worse each time you turn on the fan.

    Possible causes:
    1. The blower fan motor is worn: Replace blower motor.

    2. The fan assembly is not firmly mounted in its frame: Retighten fan to blower motor.

    3. The blower fan is damaged: Replace blower fan.

    4. Debris inside fan cage: Remove debris.


  • Transmission makes a lot of noise:
    A noise that sounds like a groaning or grinding noise is coming from your transmission. The noise is not there when you have the car in park or neutral, and it seems to go away after the car has been driven awhile or when you are moving at higher speeds. The problem may or may not occur more regularly.

    Possible causes:
    1. The transmission's fluid level is low: Fill transmission fluid to proper level.

    2. The fluid in your transmission is contaminated: Flush transmission fluid and replace transmission filter.

    3. The shift linkage for your transmission needs to be adjusted: Adjust shift linkage.

    4. You have an internal problem in the transmission: Overhaul transmission.

    5. The transmission's oil cooler lines are vibrating against the frame or body of the car: Reroute cooler lines for proper clearance.


  • Noises while turning a corner:
    You notice a knocking, clunking, and/or squeaking noise while you turn a corner. Everything else seems to be fine except for the noise. The problem may or may not be getting worse over time.

    Possible causes:
    1. Something is rubbing against or hitting the steering column: Locate and remove objects contacting steering column.

    2. Your steering linkage needs to be lubricated: Lubricate steering linkage.

    3. A part of the steering linkage is loose or damaged and needs to be replaced: Replace steering linkage parts as required.

    4. Your tires are hitting or rubbing against something: Inspect tires and wheel wells and repair or relocate rubbing parts.

    5. You have worn suspension pieces: Replace worn suspension pieces.


  • Noises from the power steering unit:
    You notice a whining or moaning from the steering when you turn the steering wheel all of the way in one direction. Everything else seems to be fine except for the noise. The problem seems to be getting worse over time.

    Possible causes:
    1. The power steering drive belt is damaged or loose: Tighten or replace power steering drive belt as required.

    2. The fluid in the system has air in it: Bleed power steering system.

    3. The fluid level in the power steering reservoir is low: Fill fluid to proper level.

    4. The mount for the power steering pump is loose or damaged: Repair or replace power steering pump mounts as required.


  • Brake Pedal Pulsates And/Or Chatters When Braking On Slippery Surfaces:
    This is a normal condition for Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS). Do not pump the pedal and maintain a constant pressure on the brake pedal. Let the ABS do all the work.

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