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Feel, Hear, See, Smell 3l

When you have a problem with your car you detect it with one of your senses. Either you feel something wrong, hear something, see something or smell something wrong. This is one of a series of articles that will help you interpret what you are sensing and come up with some possible cause of the problem.
» Part 1: Warning Lights
» Part 2: Warning Lights
» Part 3: Spots, Streaks
» Part 4: Spots, Streaks
» Part 5: Smoke
» Part 6: Tire Wear
» Part 7: Lights Not Working
» Part 8: Lights Not Working
» Part 9: Lights Not Working
» Part 10: Dome/Map Light
» Part 11: Body/Paint
» Part 12: Wiper Problems

Wiper Problems

  • One Windshield Wiper Doesn't Work:
    You turn on your wipers, and one of the wipers does nothing or moves in a much slower or jerkier manner than the other.

    Possible causes:
    1. The wiper linkage is worn or disconnected: Repair or replace linkage as required.

    2. The wiper arm doesn't fit the drive arm properly: Repair or replace wiper arm as required.


  • Windshield Washers Don't Work:
    The windshield wipers work fine, but the washers do not.

    Possible causes:
    1. The screen at the bottom of the fluid reservoir is clogged: Clean out tank and screen.

    2. There is no washer fluid: Refill washer fluid tank.

    3. The washer pump motor is burned out: Replace washer pump motor.

    4. Fluid is leaking out of the hoses: Repair or replace hoses as required.

    5. The spray nozzles are clogged: Clean out or replace nozzles as required.


  • Windshield wipers don't park:
    Each time you turn off your windshield wipers they stop where they are or move toward the bottom of the windshield. They do not stop where they normally would.

    Possible causes:
    1. The park switch in your wiper motor is bad: Replace park switch.

    2. Your wiper linkage is damaged or out of adjustment: Repair or replace wiper linkage as required.

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