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Troubleshooting Engine Performance Problems Part 10

Find possible causes of engine problems by the symptoms your car is displaying.
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  • Car stalls when stopped quickly:
    You are driving along and everything is just fine... until you let off the gas pedal and apply the brakes. The engine starts shaking and may even stall. Not a good thing to happen because you lose power steering when the engine dies.

    Possible causes:
    1. There may be a serious vacuum leak: Check and replace vacuum lines as required.

    2. There may be a fault in the computerized engine control system: Check engine control systems with a scan tool. Test circuits and repair or replace components as required. (Generally not a DIY job)

    3. Broken linkage: Repair or replace as required.


  • Engine surges while driving at a steady speed:
    While driving at a constant speed on a highway, you notice the car seems to buck or jerk. If you press on the gas pedal, the engine smooths out. You only notice this problem when the road is flat and you are trying to keep a steady speed.

    Possible causes:
    1. The fuel filter may be clogged: Replace fuel filter.

    2. The fuel pressure regulator bad: Check fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. Replace fuel pressure regulator. (Generally not a DIY job)

    3. The fuel pump may be shot: Replace fuel pump.

    4. That last gas station sold you a tank of bad fuel.


  • Engine continues to run when you try to turn it off:
    The car seems to run fine except that it doesn't want to turn right off. After you have driven awhile, you turn the key to stop the engine and it continues to run for a few seconds.

    Possible causes:
    1. The fuel injectors may be stuck partially open: Replace injectors

    2. Idle speed set incorrectly: Set idle speed to specs

    3. The ignition timing may be set wrong: Adjust ignition timing.

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