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DIY: Drum Brakes

This is a good job for a moderately skilled DIY. It only takes about three hours to do and will save you quite a few bucks. Plus you will get the satisfaction of saying "I did it myself!"

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What you will need:

  1. Wrenches
  2. Jack
  3. Jack stands
  4. Brake spring pliers
  5. Brake retainer tool
  6. Screwdriver or pry bar
  7. Pliers or vise grips
  8. Hammer
  9. Large chisel
  10. White Lithium Grease
  11. Latex Gloves
  12. Dust mask
  13. New brake shoes

Before You Start:

  • Follow these instructions carefully. Read and be sure you understand them before you begin.
  • Gather together all of your tools and supplies before you begin.
  • Allow plenty of time to do the job so you don't have to hurry.
  • Remember that these are general instructions. For more detailed instructions pertaining to your specific vehicle, consult an appropriate repair manual.
  • Safety is important whenever you're working around machinery. Beware of hot objects, sharp instruments and hazardous materials.
  • Don't substitute tools unless you're sure you won't compromise either your safety or the performance of your vehicle.
  • Never work on a vehicle that is only supported by a jack. Use jack stands to support the vehicle while you work. Work on a solid, level surface. Never jack a car up on dirt or grass.
  • Do one wheel at a time so you can use the other wheel as a reference in case you get confused.
  • Check for any fluid leaks or cracked brake lines. Replace them as necessary.

Brake linings contain asbestos. Do not use compressed air or dry brush to clean brake parts. Many brake parts contain asbestos fibers that, if inhaled, can cause serious injury. To clean brake parts, use water soaked rags or a suitable vacuum cleaner to minimize airborne dust.

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